2019 Annual Conference

Building Resilience

Athens, Greece

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The 2021 ninth Annual Humanistic Management Conference will take place on [Month, Day – Day] 2021 in Athens, Greece, hosted by [Host Organization].

Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments are testing individual, organizational and societal resilience. As technological advances, and competitive pressures are increasing, the relative stability of global governance is decreasing; as inequality is rising, our planet’s capacity to sustain life is declining; as our planet unifies in one single market place, the polity is ever more divided. In short, we are putting at risk the very foundations of social peace and cohesion on which free and prosperous societies are built as well as our planet’s capacity to sustain life.

To flourish or simply to stay afloat in this adverse environment, businesses seek to build resilience, or in other words, aim for the seemingly paradox of being flexible and rigid at the same time. While this challenge is generally shared around the globe we do find regional variations in the exposure to adversity and in the capacity to master it.

So where better to discuss the nexus between resilience and Humanistic Management than in a place that has had to master great adversity over the last decade while having an unparalleled track record of demonstrating resilience and developing humanistic thought, not through decades, but through millennia.

We are very excited to present to you the 2021 Seventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference in Athens, Greece on the topic of: Humanistic Management Builds Resilience.

We will assess and test the hypothesis that Humanistic Management builds resilience. We will explore how respect for the dignity of life, integrating ethical considerations in management decisions and engaging with stakeholders can help to be rigid and flexible at the same time. To this end we have built an interactive program spanning two days to offer you keynotes, workshops, paper sessions, panels, ample networking opportunities and the launch of the Humanistic Management Network Greece Chapter.

We are most grateful to our hosts and sponsors [Sponsor 1], [Sponsor 2] and the Weltethos Institute at the University of Tübingen, Germany for their generous support.

Come join us at the 2021 Seventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference – together we make impact towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

On behalf of everyone at the Humanistic Management Network we look forward to welcoming you in Athens.

Ernst von Kimakowitz

Yannis Greorgelis

[Host Organization Member]


Please welcome with us outstanding speakers delivering impactful messages in service of our shared endeavor to use technology for a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

Cliff Prior

Wolfgang Amann has been designing and delivering executive education seminars for more than 20 years.

Cliff Prior

Ronald Berenbeim is an Adjunct Professor at the New York University Stern School of Business Administration.

Cliff Prior

Gib Bulloch spent 25 years in the business world at three of the world’s largest companies.

Cliff Prior

Yannis Georgellis is Deputy Head of School (Research and Enterprise) at Kent Business School, University of Kent, UK.

Cliff Prior

Ernst von Kimakowitz is passionate about strengthening the positive impact of business.

Cliff Prior

Stefan Klauser is a Political Scientist and FinTech Expert and leads the subject “DigitalSociety”.

Cliff Prior

Pauline McCharles is a lifelong social entrepreneur with an MA in Organizational Development.

Cliff Prior

Jaba Sen Menon is a global business leader and a Certified Intelligent Leadership Coach with 30 years of experience in multiple sectors.

Cliff Prior

Subhasis Ray is Professor of Marketing at Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB).

Cliff Prior

Radha Sharma is a Raman Munjal (HeroMotoCorp) Chair Professor & Professor of organizational behaviour & human resource development.

Cliff Prior

Shiv Tripathi is dean of the School of Management at CMR University in Bengaluru, India.


The conference will run over two days commencing on October X 2019 at 9am and closing on the following day, October Y 2019, at 5pm. To provide an interesting and fruitful conference to our speakers, guests and delegates we have built an interactive programme spanning two days offering keynotes, workshops, paper sessions, panels, ample networking opportunities and the launch of the Humanistic Management Network India Chapter. You can view the full programme, the call for papers and a short introduction to Humanistic Management under the links below.



We are offering payed tickets for those who can afford to contribute to the cost of this conference and a free ticket option for those who do not have the funds for doing so. We trust that you select your ticket aligned to your means.





Registration details will follow


The Humanistic Management Network is most grateful to our Hosts and Sponsors who share our passion for working towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet. Without their generous support this conference would not be possible.

The goals of the University of Tübingen’s Weltethos-Institut are to promote awareness of moral issues among international economic and political actors and to facilitate meaningful intercultural dialogue and trust.


Olbios – Network for Action. Presenting the best ideas and projects worldwide and the people behind them.


This conference enjoyed tireless engagement and support of many members of the Humanistic Management Community.

Humanistic Management Network Team:

  • Ernst von Kimakowitz
  • Yannis Georgellis
  • Wolfgang Amann


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