The 2023 Eleventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference will take place on the 27th October 2023 in Nagpur, India, hosted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Nagpur.

Corporate heritage and legacy are increasingly seen as having strategic relevance to business organizations while approaches to managing heritage and legacy differ greatly. Consequently, the Humanistic Management Network jointly with its conference partner IIM Nagpur is aiming to raise our understanding of the topic by asking:

  • What is the nexus between corporate heritage, legacy and Humanistic Management?
  • How can organizations actively and productively learn about and learn from their heritage?
  • How can organizational leadership build a positive legacy?

We are most grateful and honored to be able to have this conference at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Nagpur, India where strong values aligned to Humanistic Management form part and parcel of the management education and organizational culture.

To provide you with a valuable conference experience we have built an interactive program offering keynotes, workshops, paper sessions, panels and ample networking opportunities. So come join us at the 2023 Eleventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference – together we make impact towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

On behalf of everyone at IIM Nagpur and the Humanistic Management Network we look forward to welcoming you in Nagpur, India.

Bhimaraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur & Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director HMN


Please welcome with us outstanding speakers delivering impactful messages in service of our shared endeavor to create a desirable corporate legacy aligned to Humanistic Management Principles. (Further speakers will be announced here)

Cliff Prior

Bhimaraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur, distinguished academic and astute administrator.

Cliff Prior

Pushp Joshi, Chairman & Managing Director at HPCL, is an enterprising business leader with over 37 years of experience in the Oil and gas Industry.

Cliff Prior

Rajendra Srivastava is Novartis Professor of Marketing Strategy and Innovation Executive Director – Centre for Business Innovation at Indian School of Business (ISB).

Cliff Prior

Agnieska Konior is Lecturer at the Institute of Culture at the Jagiellonian University.

Cliff Prior

Ankita Dash is a faculty member in the Economics and Social Sciences Area at IIM Nagpur.

Cliff Prior

Anna Pluszynska, Faculty of Management and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University.

Cliff Prior

Basanna S. Patagundi is Chief Learning Officer, Swiss Learning Exchange with an MBA and PhD in Management.

Cliff Prior

Chitranjan Sarangi is a social activist with focus on Gandhian thoughts for development action.

Cliff Prior

Christina Schwabenland is a Reader in Public and Voluntary Sector Management at the University of Bedfordshire.

Cliff Prior

Deepmala Baghel, Area Chair, Department of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Management Nagpur.

Cliff Prior

Ernst von Kimakowitz is passionate about strengthening the positive impact of business.

Cliff Prior

Hitesh Shukla is Professor at the Saurashtra University, Rajkot, India and a shaper of the family business field.

Cliff Prior

K S Cheema is a Promotor and Founder Chairman of KS Cheema Group of companies.

Cliff Prior

Kirit Joshi is co-founder of Spacewood, India’s leading premium brand and manufacturer of Modular Furniture.

Cliff Prior

Dr Manish Jain, the visionary and dynamic chairman of Indus Business Academy. He is an Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad.

Cliff Prior

Mukund Vyas is a Dean of Executive Education and Professor in Humanities at Indian Institute of Management Nagpur.

Cliff Prior

Neelkanth Dhone is a faculty at IIM Nagpur with a doctorate from National Institute of Industrial Engineering.

Cliff Prior

Sara Wurzer is a PhD student at the department of Psychology at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Cliff Prior

Shiv K Tripathi is Vice Chancellor, Atmiya University, Rajkot and India Chapter Lead of Human Management Network.

Cliff Prior

Subhash Sharma is Director at Indus Business Academy, Bengaluru and a leading Indian Management thinker.


The conference will take place on October 27th 2023 in Nagpur, India and a live stream will be available for registered participants. To provide an interesting and fruitful conference to our speakers, guests and delegates we have built an interactive programme which you can download below alongside further information on the event and the HMN.



The Humanistic Management Network is most grateful to our Hosts and Sponsors who share our passion for working towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet. Without their generous support this conference would not be possible.

IIM Nagpur, being a new generation IIM, aims to create value-driven leaders, global managers, and entrepreneurs with strong conceptual foundations and analytical approach to help them be the best in whichever field they choose.

The Jagiellonian University is the oldest higher education institution in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded on 12 May 1364 by the Polish king Casimir the Great. The Jubilee year 2014 marked the 650th anniversary of this remarkable event.

Swiss Learning Exchange creates and delivers high-quality educational content to provide solutions for short-lived profits, quick lapses, or degraded spaces and the environment. We work towards enhancing responsible, sustainable and impactful living for businesses, corporations, banks, students, and individuals. We strive towards creating a long-lived, empathetic, and goal-driven community.

The Humanistic Management Network is proud that it’s Poland Chapter based at Jagiellonian Universty in Krakow, has won a grant by the Research Heritage Excellence Program of the Polish ministry of Education. The Grant was instrumental in supporting research and networking activities by the Humanistic Management Network in support of this conference.

The mission of ATMIYA University is to nurture creative thinkers and leaders through transformative learning. ATMIYA University emphasizes to train young minds in consonance with the doctrines of higher education and human values. The aim of this University is to spread eternal happiness and to create a happy society in letter and spirit.

The University of Lucerne has its roots reaching back as far as the 17th century while it has only been established as one of Switzerland’s twelve universities in the year 2000 focused on the faculties of culture and social sciences, economics, health and medicine, law and theology.


This conference enjoyed tireless engagement and support of our hosts, IIM Nagpur as well as members of the Humanistic Management Network.

The Conference Chair

The Conference Committee


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