2019 Annual Conference October 10 - 11

Solidarity and the Common Good

Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

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The 2019 Seventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference will take place on October 10. and 11. 2019 in Krakow, Poland organized and sponsored by the Institute of Culture of Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Cracow University of Economics, Silesian University of Technology and the Weltethos Institute.

Business is not a self-serving exercise as we rightfully expect business to make a positive impact on society, acting with solidarity and actively catering to the common good. While this expectation stands in conflict with a singular focus on maximizing shareholder value, we argue that it is fully aligned with Humanistic Management principles which aim to deliver sustainable value along the triple bottom line.

At our 2019 conference we will therefore discuss the nexus between solidarity, the common good and Humanistic Management. We will assess and test the hypothesis that acting with solidarity and catering to the common good are part and parcel of a Humanistic Management paradigm just as much as they are a necessity for us to find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges we face as a global community. We will explore how respect for the dignity of life, integrating ethical considerations in management decisions and engaging with stakeholders can help business deliver to the common good whilst providing a checkpoint for a genuine commitment to solidarity.

We gladly present to you the 2019 Seventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference in Krakow, Poland on the topic of: Solidarity and the Common Good. We will convene in one of the world’s oldest Universities right in the heart of Europe and have built an interactive program spanning two days to offer you keynotes, workshops, paper sessions, panels, ample networking opportunities and the launch of the Humanistic Management Network Poland Chapter.

Come join us at the 2019 Seventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference – together we make impact towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

On behalf of everyone at the Humanistic Management Network we look forward to welcoming you in Krakow.


Please welcome with us outstanding speakers delivering impactful messages in service of our shared endeavor to promote solidarity and the common good for a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

Cliff Prior

Wolfgang Amann has been designing and delivering executive education seminars for more than 20 years.

Cliff Prior

Michael Andrick is philosopher, author, and corporate manager with international leadership experience

Cliff Prior

Mathias Behrens has over 20 years of management and leadership experience.

Cliff Prior

Ewa Bogacz-Wojtanowska is Professor at the Institute of Public Affairs, Jagiellonian University

Cliff Prior

Pingping Fu is currently a Professor of OB in Nottingham University Business School China.

Cliff Prior

Paul is a life member of Humanists UK and the volunteer lead for their new ‘Humanists in Business’ network.

Cliff Prior

Jerzy Hausner is Professor of Economic Sciences at the University of Economics at Kraków.

Cliff Prior

Agnieska Konior is Lecturer at the Institute of Culture at the Jagiellonian University.

Cliff Prior

Monika Kostera is Management Professor at the Jagiellonian University and Södertörn University.

Cliff Prior

Tomasz Kwarcinski is Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Cracow University of Economics.

Cliff Prior

Rafal Maciag is professor of the Jagiellonian University, Institute of Information Studies.

Cliff Prior

Carlos Largacha-Martínez is a consultant & futurologist with a holistic professional formation.

Cliff Prior

Bob is a founding member of the Humanistic Management Chapter UK.

Cliff Prior

Pauline McCharles is a lifelong social entrepreneur with an MA in Organizational Development.

Cliff Prior

Martin is founder of the conflict transformation initiative Mediative Leadership.

Cliff Prior

Kemi teaches business ethics and managerial anthropology at Lagos Business School.

Cliff Prior
Michal Palasz is culture & media manager, activist and academic teacher working at Jagiellonian University.
Cliff Prior
Adriana Paliwoda-Matiolanska is associate professor at the Cracow University of Economics.
Cliff Prior
Robert Piaskowski is cultural manager and animator, educator, sociolog.
Cliff Prior

Zofia Prokop is assistant professor, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University.

Cliff Prior

Wojciech Przybylski is President of the Board of the Krakow Technology Park since January 2016.

Cliff Prior

Christina Schwabenland is Professor at the University of Bedfordshire and leads our UK Chapter.

Cliff Prior

Shiv Tripathi is Executive Director – Management, Chandigarh University, India.

Cliff Prior

Ernst von Kimakowitz is passionate about strengthening the positive impact of business.


The conference will run over two days commencing on October 10. 2019 at 09:00h and closing on the following day, October 11. 2019, at 18:00h. To provide an interesting and fruitful conference to our speakers, guests and delegates we have built an interactive program spanning two days offering keynotes, workshops, paper sessions, panels, ample networking opportunities and the launch of the Humanistic Management Network Poland Chapter. You can view the full program, the schedule for the chapter open space, the call for papers and a short introduction to Humanistic Management under the links below.

Call for Papers

Call for Papers & Posters CALL IS NOW CLOSED


Please consult below links to register for the conference and find practical informatrion.


Jagiellonian University
The Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the Jagiellonian University Revival,
Faculty of Management and Social Communication of Jagiellonian University in Krakow,
ul. prof. St. Lojasiewicza 4,
30-348 Krakow

You can find practical information on local transport and accommodation, including a preferred rate hotel option, under the link below.

Practical information


Please visit our registration page or order your ticket directly from the options proivded below.

2019 Seventh Annual Humanistic Management Conference Registration

All tickets include full conference participation as well as daytime catering.

Important Notice for paper and poster submissions with multiple authors: Please purchase one “Accepted Paper or Poster Presentation” ticket only and a discounted ticket for the remaining team members using the Promotional Code “HMNMember”. This of course only applies for co-authors who are actually present at the conference.


The Humanistic Management Network is most grateful to our organizers and sponsors who share our passion for working towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet. Without their generous support this conference would not be possible.

The Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland is one of the oldest surviving universities in the world founded in 1364. Notable alumni include, among others, mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) and Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska.


Cracow University of Economics (CUE) is the largest school of economics in Poland, and the third biggest university in Cracow, a major Polish academic centre. The University was the first institution of higher education in Poland to introduce studies in English in the early 1990s.

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT), is the oldest technical university in the region and one of the most prestigious in Poland. It was established in 1945 as a scientific and educational facility for Upper Silesia, the most industrialized region in Poland.

The goals of the University of Tübingen’s Weltethos-Institut are to promote awareness of moral issues among international economic and political actors and to facilitate meaningful intercultural dialogue and trust.


This conference enjoyed tireless engagement and support of many members of the Humanistic Management Community.

The 2019 Annual Humanistic Management Conference Team:

  • Wolfgang Amann
  • Malgorzata Aleksandra Gadek
  • Wioleta Galat
  • Monika Hapek
  • Agnieszka Konior
  • Olga Kosinska
  • MoniKa Kostera
  • Tomasz Kwarcinski
  • Rafal Maciag
  • Marta Materska-Samek
  • Michal Palasz
  • Katarzyna Plebanczyk
  • Anna Pluszynska
  • Weronika Pokojska
  • Marta Polec
  • Malwina Popiolek
  • Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch
  • Michal Wojciak
  • Ernst von Kimakowitz
  • Michal Zawadzki

The Paper and Poster Sessions Chairs:

  • Wolfgang Amann
  • Agnieszka Konior
  • Tomasz Kwarcinski
  • Michal Palasz


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