The 2022 Tenth Annual Humanistic Management Conference will take place online on the 24th of November 2022.

The theme of this year’s conference is Collaborating for Impact, and we want to look at different dimensions of this theme during our one-day long conference. From the big systemic questions that stem from the United Nations’ Sustainable development Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goals all the way to the individual question of the relationship between humanistic leadership and collaborative attitudes we are looking forward to spending an exciting and stimulation day with our speakers and, most importantly, with you!

Come join us at the 2022 Tenth Annual Humanistic Management Conference – together we make impact towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

On behalf of everyone at the Humanistic Management Network we look forward to welcoming you!


Please welcome with us outstanding speakers delivering impactful messages in service of our shared endeavor to strengthen the impact of business towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

Cliff Prior

Wolfgang Amann has been designing and delivering executive education seminars for more than 20 years.

Cliff Prior

Rafael Castro: Coach and consultant. CEO of Amithaba, helping organizations and people to become more aware of their inner energies.

Cliff Prior

Bhavesh Chandaria is the General Manager & Executive Director of Ethiopian Steel PLc, a member of SAFAL Group

Cliff Prior

Cristina De Armas: Founder and CEO of InspirandoT SAS BIC. Consultant  in Conscious Capitalism, Triple Impact strategy and Social Sustainability.

Cliff Prior

Prof Geoff Goldman, University of Johannesburg, School of Management, College of Business and Economics (CBE)

Cliff Prior

Mari Iizuka is professor of management at Doshisha Universit in Kyoto, Japan.

Cliff Prior

Anand K. Joshi is Policy Advisor to International Skill Development Corporation

Cliff Prior

Urvashi Makkar, Director, IMS Ghaziabad, is a seasoned academician, scholar and institutional leader

Cliff Prior

Carlos Largacha-Martínez is a consultant & futurologist with a holistic professional formation.

Cliff Prior

Michal Palasz, Department of Contemporary Culture, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland

Cliff Prior

Maria Pieniazek, Contemporary Culture Management Studies, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland

Cliff Prior

Damian S. Pyrkosz, Independent Scholar

Cliff Prior

Prof. Dr. Yuri Sadoi is Professor, Faculty of Economics, Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan.

Cliff Prior

Ana María Salom: Co-Lead of the Colombia Chapter of the HMN.

Cliff Prior

Shivakumar is CEO of Global WFM Chartered Body USA and Canada

Cliff Prior

Prahlad R. Sodani is currently the President of IIHMR University, Jaipur

Cliff Prior

Shiv Tripathi is dean of the School of Management at CMR University in Bengaluru, India.

Cliff Prior

Ernst von Kimakowitz is passionate about strengthening the positive impact of business.

Cliff Prior

Jakub Wydra, Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland


The conference will run over one day on October 24th 2022 starting at 8:30 and ending at 20:30 CET with a select number of our chapters from around the globe presenting. You can view the programme and a short introduction to Humanistic Management under the links below.


We are offering payed tickets for those who can afford to contribute to the cost of this conference and a free ticket option for those who do not have the funds for doing so. We trust that you select your ticket aligned to your means.


The 2022 Annual
Humanistic Management Confernece
will take place


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The Humanistic Management Network is most grateful to our Hosts and Sponsors who share our passion for working towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet. Without their generous support this conference would not be possible.

The Faculty of Management and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University was founded in 1996.  It is comprised of eight institutes and two independent departments, and the university’s radio and television studio.


The Institute of Social Ethics ISE undertakes research and teaching contexts in social ethics including scientific reflection on the ethical dimension of social contexts, challenges and issues, institutions, structures, and systems.

The Humanistic Management Center (HMC) is a think tank, learning institution and advisory firm supporting organizations in transforming towards a humanistic management paradigm.


This conference enjoyed tireless engagement and support of many members of the Humanistic Management Community.

Organizing Team

  • Ernst von Kimakowitz (University of Lucerne, HMN / HMC)
  • Wolfgang Amann (HEC Qatar)
  • Mari Iizuka (Doshisha University)
  • Carlos Largacha-Martinez (Universidad Areandina)
  • Michal Palasz (Jagiellonian University)
  • Maria Pieniazek (Jagiellonian University)
  • Shiv Tripathi (Atmiya University)
  • Jakub Wydra (Jagiellonian University)


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