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In August 2019 the Humanistic Management Network addressed the 2019 incoming MBA class at our partners, the Regional College of Management Bangalore, India and delivered the annual Swiss Bootcamp. 

On August 14th 2019, Shiv Tripathi, lead of the Humanistic Management Network India Chapter and Ernst von Kimakowitz of the Humanistic Management Network, Switzerland had the honor to both be invited to deliver a welcome speech addressing the 2019 incoming MBA class at our partners, the Regional College of Management Bangalore (RCMB). In addition, Ernst von Kimakowitz delivered a two day certified Swiss Bootcamp to the new MBA Class which is offered annually at RCMB. The program first highlights core aspects of the political, societal and economic fabric of Switzerland. In a second step the participating students are called to develop and present a business idea that a) is pursuing a purpose driven business model and b) that is tapping both Indian and Swiss competences, characteristics and markets.

On this occasion Satya Ranjan Mandal, founder President of Regional College of Management Bengaluru and Ernst von Kimakowitz of the Humanisitc Management Network also signed an MoU to collaborate on an ongoing basis in the four areas of curriculum development, faculty development, course delivery and executive training. Part of these activities will be delivered through our partner organizations the Humanistic Management Center and Ethics First. We invite you also to please get in touch if there is interest at your university to also collaborate with the HMN.