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Short bio

Cheick Diaby did his Master’s studies in Communication & Change Management (IAE Aix-en-Provence, France). His doctoral studies took place at the Department of Management of the Faculty of Business Administration (Laval University, Quebec, Canada).  His research investigates the aesthetic side of crisis leadership. His research interests revolve mainly around the ways of knowing from our bodily senses, our emotions and feelings, intuition and imagination.


Webinar Topic

I will try to share with our friends a piece of work which gives an overview of the interaction inside a crisis management team and tracks how leadership emerges at a micro temporal scale in this context. We will focus on direction specifically and see that contrary to the accepted view, it is continuously produced and negotiated by the members instead of the sole designated leader. The micro processual view will highlight the specific role of the body and linguistic devices in the construction of meaning and the production of direction, and how these are surrounded by a constant reorganisation of the group. That will set the stage for our discussion.


Question for the audience

How would you describe crisis leadership in your own words? (one or two words or concepts which do not need to pertain to the domain of Management and Organisation Sciences)


Webinar registration

Please register by sending an email to danae.huijser@phd.uvh.nl