About the Humanistic Management Network Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Chapter

The Humanistic Management Network (HMN) – GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Chapter aspires to promote human dignity as the central value in management research, business school teaching, and practice. It is perfectly in line with the concept of promoting a Falah economy, one which fosters well-being. Foundational principles of humanistic management across cultures include:

1. Unconditional respect for the dignity of life.

2. Integration of ethical reflection in management decisions.

3. Active and ongoing engagement with stakeholders.

The GCC consists of a rich diversity of states and cultures encouraging all involved stakeholders and members to explore traditions, commonalities and opportunities to learn from others, and thus enhance solutions in inspiring, effective dialogues, events, projects, and publications.

Current research and thought leadership projects of the chapter and its cooperation partners include:

• The changing role of the Chief Compliance Officer

• Humanistic scaling strategies

• Optimizing employee engagement in light of nationalization strategies

• Business schools as role model organizations

• Humanistic management in the age of AI

GCC Chapter Team

We are very happy to introduce the members of the Humanistic Management Network GCC Chapter team. Below you can find their short bio and how they contribute to the Chapter. 

Cliff Prior

Wolfgang Amann is co-founder of the Humanistic Management Network.

Cliff Prior

Deval Kartik Is an academic with two decades of multicultural teaching experience.

Cliff Prior

Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch serves as professor of management at the Canadian University of Dubai.

Cliff Prior

Allan Villegas is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and angel investor.


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