Contribution to NGO Asia Magazine

Asian NGO is Asia’s leading Magazine on Insights and inspiration for Social Innovation. The magazine’s 18th Edition is titled Cities of the Future and is looking at how city life and sustainability can go hand in hand in the age of urbanization.

The HMC has contributed an article on Ethics as a Driver of Business Innovation laying out the argument for strong values and a sense of purpose as the foundation for meaningful innovations by businesses.

Businesses, so the article argues, are underutilizing the creativity, ingenuity and desire of their people to develop meaningful innovations that create sustainable value by deploying a truncated mental model of why ethics matter for business. Ethical questions have entered the top of the executive agenda in many businesses around the world but they are often viewed as a limitation of entrepreneurial freedom rather than a booster to the innovative capacity of the organization. The future success of a business will more than ever depend on innovations that help us address the main challenges we face as a global community and ethics is the foundation of delivering such innovations.