Humanistic Crisis Management – Lessons Learned from COVID-19

This book aims at catalyzing our learning from the COVID-19 crisis. Numerous studies have emerged confirming that during the COVID-19 pandemic, crisis management has been far from holistic. Progress previously made towards sustainability has in many cases been reversed and global inequality has grown. This volume scrutinizes the crucial role of businesses in the lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic and calls for a new goal system in business, establishing human dignity as the ultimate outcome of sound business.

Part of the Humanism in Business Series, this book brings together a group of international experts to consolidate the lessons to be learnt from the pandemic and how it was handled. It explores the foundations of the crisis, before focusing on selected sectors and regions for analysis and, finally, drawing conclusions according to the principles of humanistic crisis management. It will be of great interest to scholars and students of business ethics, as well as policy-makers, professionals and all those who practice humanistic management.