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The aim of the presentation is to familiarize participants with the possibilities of using Action Research to introduce cooperation between universities and external organizations in a participatory, democratic way.

Action Research is an approach that combines scientific research with solving social problems, including organizational problems. Action Research usually has an emancipatory character. It is done together with people, not over people. Those who are the subject of scientific research in the traditional approach become equal partners in the research process. Action Research allows to explore and change organisational and social reality for the better.

Contemporary universities are also looking for new solutions to strengthen their cooperation with the world of practise in the field of teaching and research. The cooperation of universities with the environment is usually called the “third mission”. Action research gives researchers the chance to strengthen the ties with external stakeholders, and also find the meaning of their work and influence the environment in which they operate.


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The Speaker:

Beata Jalocha, Associate Professor of Management at the Institute of Public Affairs at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Her research interests include project management, projectification processes, living labs, and action research. She is particularly interested in the impact of projectification on organisations and the people working in them. In addition, she explores participatory research methods and experiential knowledge to address organisational and social problems.