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On April 9th and, to allow more people to come, in a repeat session on the next day the Humanistic Management Network’s Ernst von Kimakowitz delivered a lecture with subsequent Q&A on the topic of Purpose Driven Organizations and Humanistic Management at Fundación Universitaria del Area Andina (Areandina). The event was part of the international week at Areandina and the Humanistic Management Network was invited by its Colombia Chapter lead Carlos Largacha-Martínez. Founded in 1983, Fundación Universitaria del Area Andina (Andean Region University Foundation) is a non-profit private higher education institution located in Bogotá, Colombia with branch campuses in Pereira. Fundación Universitaria del Area Andina offers a wide range of Bachelor and Master level studies to its over 30’000 Students with a strong focus on making higher education accessible to underprivileged students.

The lecture was divided into four parts highlighting the context of operating in one global marketplace before looking at mental model and key drivers in purpose driven organizations. The presentation then closed with integrating the characteristics of purpose driven organizations with the Three Stepped Approach to Humanistic Management which forms the definitory foundation of Humanistic Management.