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Short bio

LauraLynn Jansen, Ph.D., PCC, is an author and innovator in humanizing leadership. LauraLynn’s rich background as a Co-Active coach and leadership facilitator spans nearly twenty-five years. She is a maven who encompasses both introspective and highly interactive delivery styles.
At the core of LauraLynn’s work is a commitment to the value of dignity, a principle that guided her to her doctoral research exploring how humanization occurs. Recognizing her foresight and contribution to the field, she received the prestigious Academy of Management’s 2023 Promising Dissertation Award. She is also a Fetzer scholar and a fellow of the International Humanistic Management Association.


Webinar Topic

Moksa, Seeking A Humanizing Way of Being, delves into the intricate dimensions of humanization by shifting the analytical focus from denial and exclusion of one’s humanity to affirmative aspects of inclusion. The central aim of this research was to unravel the mechanisms underlying the process of humanization, elucidating how individuals perceive and internalize their being recognized as human beings. The research question was: what are the psychological elements that comprise a humanizing relational interaction? By investigating the reverse of denial and exclusion, this research contributes to the burgeoning field of humanization studies, human-centered leadership, and inclusive leadership by providing a nuanced understanding of the dynamic nature of the humanization process.


Question for the audience

In what moment(s) in your life have you experienced Moksa yourself?



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