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On November 21st 2019 a public lecture took place titled The Value of Values at Nottingham Business School China in Ningbo, close to Shanghai. This event was organized by our China Chapter lead Pinping Fu and Ernst von Kimakowitz delivered the talk. 

Values are omnipresent in our words and actions; we use values implicitly and explicitly in our speech and they guide our behavior. But what are values, what do they do with and for an individual, an organization and a society and how do they create value? This lecture will provide a definition of values, demonstrate their effect on the self (individual), on interpersonal relationships (organizational) and on society (systemic) concluding that values create value. They function as an anchor for reflection and give individuals orientation, they strengthen the sense of belonging and create trust in an organization and they support societal development by enhancing its resilience and strengthening its institutions. In short, strong values and Humanistic Management go hand in hand in creating sustainable value.

We are very happy to grow our presence in China under the leadership of Pingping Fu, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Nottingham Business School China and look forward to deepening our collaboration with the university and beyond.