Another State of Mind

Arch of ‘wise’ ideas on ways to cope with daily problems and answers to the everyday judgments and decisions we have to make. In the quest to integrate humanistic values into business life we were looking for ideas from old wisdom traditions which can inspire managers to act more wisely in their daily practice.

How can we make the concept of wisdom more easily accessible for managers and business professionals? What relevance does the concept of wisdom hold for those managers and professionals who are confronted with challenges and who grapple with problems and ambiguities on a daily basis? The authors of Another State of Mind go back in cultural history to answer the key question: how one can act wisely in the spirit of the present age?

Key features include:

  • Coverage of all the major wisdom traditions, including Humanism, Confucianism, Taoism and some of their side branches;
  • Written by renowned authors with backgrounds as scholars, executives, governors, practitioners, management teachers and consultants;
  • A narrative that originates from writings produced by icons from history such as Confucius, Rumi, Dogen, Spinoza and Camus;
  • Connects the wisdom of various traditions with a wide range of management topics: entrepreneurship, governance, innovation, strategy, community building and learning, leadership, organizational development and change, talent development, personal development, engagement, integrity, the art of living and finally wellbeing in organizations;
  • Six personal stories of respected top leaders, including a former CEO of the IMF and USA nominated best leader of the year;
  • Business cases from globally successful companies such as Tata Steel and Haier;
  • A deeper insight into the cultural characteristics of China, Japan, India, Nigeria and Western societies.

The perspectives offered in this book demonstrate ways to create value to your personal, professional and organizational life.