Rüstzeug für Entscheidungen

This interview featured in one of Germany’s most prestigious daily paper’s bi-monthly higher education magazine, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s Hochschulanzeiger. the Interview looks at the role and popularity of business ethics on campus.

If broad consensus exists that business as usual is no longer an option then business education as usual is also no longer viable. In this context business ethics has a role to play or, in more concrete terms: It is great to see so many well attended business ethics seminars around the world and many of them are delivering hugely important messages to eager students. However what is missing and what needs to be the next step is the integration of ethical questions into the core of business and economics curricula to overcome the still frequently perceived dichotomy between business and ethics.

The interview is part of the leading article by journalist Jan Thomas Otte on ethics in the finance industry. Jan also runs the online Magazine Karriere Einsichten.