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This certificate course titled Corporate Governance, Ethics and Business Sustainability was developed by the Humanistic Management Center and took place at Dayananda Sagar Business School (DSBS) offered to the school’s PGDM students in Bagalore, India from the 2nd – 4th November 2023.  

Corporate Governance, Ethics and Business Sustainability play an ever-greater role in the success of business organizations. The main driver for this transformation towards good governance for more sustainable and more ethical business conduct is the need to make better use of the productive powers of business in creating solutions for the challenges we face as a global community. Business can and ought to step up its efforts to make positive impact towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

This certificate course by the Humanistic Management Network is geared towards developing skills and attaining corresponding knowledge for responsible leaders.

Correspondingly participants will gain an overview of global challenges and their relation to business, enhance their understanding of business ethics, sustainability and governance and develop leadership skills. In addition, team exercises and a highly interactive course design will provide ample opportunity to practice presentational and storytelling skills.



Please download the course brochure for additional information: