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The meaningfulness in research – that was the main topic at our April HMN Methodological workshop. The whole meeting was led by Katarzyna Kope? and Anna Góral divided into 3 parts.

The first one, after a brief introduction, focused on our plans for 2022. Then, a short talk about reasons for humanistic management research followed – Anna Góral shared her recent stories about academic challenges connected with “conflict” between the University “points” and prestige versus the researcher satisfaction and ethics.

In the second part all participants had the chance to share their approach. We did a short introduction talking about our research and academic interests. Then, each group (4-5 people from different backgrounds) discussed main topics: what is a meaningful research and how to measure this? What makes the humanistic management humanistic: theme, methodology, the potential for a change, or maybe all of the above?

Last but not least, chairs of the groups shared the effects of the discussions. The fundamentals of humanistic management such as wide scope of perspectives, topics, trends were underlined. Then, the questions followed: how do we measure the meaningfulness and is it even measurable? Is the impact always meaningful and is it most important? And simply – is it even a good idea to measure humanistic values?

The meeting was ended with an announcement of future plans (suggesting the guests-participants of next, may’s discussion) and an invitation to work on a joined publication.

The meeting was attended by 22 people from 6 countries (Poland, Austria, Switzerland, India, Nigeria, South Africa).


Report authors: Maria Pieniazek & Jakub Wydra.


This research was funded by the Priority Research Area Heritage under the program Excellence Initiative – Research University at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.