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The 2020 Eighth Annual Humanistic Management Conference will take place online and is brought to you by our Chapters from around the world on November 04. – 06. 2020

Our 2020 conference will be different from our previous conferences as it will be our first online conference and the driving force behind this year’s conference format are contributions by our Chapters from around the world. We wanted to make productive use of the circumstances and turn a challenge into an opportunity. So if we cannot be together in one place at least we can virtually be in all the places where our community is active. Consequently this year’s conference theme, Unity in Diversity has a dual connotation.

On one hand we want to use the decentral character of the online format to to celebrate the diverse and rich community that forms the Humanistic Management Network and unites our members behind our shared purpose. We, the Humanistic Management Network, show Unity in Diversity. On the other hand we find our world increasingly divided with ever more voices tuning in to toxic narratives of division, exclusion, separation, suppression and aggression. We know these narratives are not only false but also unable to guide us towards any desirable outcomes; we know that that which unites us is much bigger, stronger, more relevant and more beautiful than that which separates us. So we will show during this conference that there is Unity in Diversity and how business can exercise agency to embrace and promote diversity to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.