Humanistic Management: an alternative way of organising?

In November 2017 Christina Schwabenland and Paul Harrison launched the UK Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network (HMN) at the Young Foundation in London with a line-up of great speakers. This special issue of the Organisations and People Journal is a continuation of the discussions brought to you by the AMED Network.

The purpose of this miscellany is to explore the potential and viability of a UK Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network, to carry on the conversation, and to draw attention to the dialectic between the range of different understandings of the concept that we present here, and to its underlying coherence. We are still feeling our way, and we do not have a single, all-encompassing ‘definition’ of what humanistic management is. Rather, we see its meaning as contextual – as emergent and fluid. We do not claim to be ‘experts’; we are people who work in management, study management, experience management and care deeply that it should be humane.